The Tor BSD Diversity Project (TDP)

Web Site: or http://bptfp7py2wclht26.onion


What is TDP?

The Tor BSD Diversity Project (TDP) is an initiative seeking to extend the use of the BSD Unix operating systems in the Tor public anonymity network.

The Tor Project continues to play a critical role in anonymity and privacy solutions. With increasing surveillance and censorship, Tor is a vital tool, and the project has grown by leaps-and-bounds since originating with the US Naval Labs in the 1990’s. Hundreds of thousands rely on Tor in a world filled with threats to anonymity and privacy.

While recognizing that the Tor Project is dynamic open source project with a vibrant community, we are also concerned with the overwhelming GNU/Linux monoculture that is an Achilles’ Heel. Monocultures in nature are dangerous, as vulnerabilities are held in common across a broad spectrum. Diversity means single vulnerabilities are less likely to harm the entire ecosystem. In a global anonymity network, monocultures are potentially disastrous. A single kernel vulnerability in GNU/Linux impacting Tor relays could be devastating. We want to see a stronger Tor network, and we believe one critical ingredient for that is operating system diversity.

The three angles of the TDP’s approach:

Current TDP work:

TDP success depends on broader *BSD community involvement. last updated: Tue Jun 13 19:25:38 2017 UTC