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Documentation Style Guide

This piece is meant to illustrate TDP documentation. This is standard for all TDP syntax in the tutorials and guides.


All shell commands will be indicated by a dollar sign $, the default symbol of /bin/ksh, which a single-tab indent.


$ run this command

File Names and Paths

Both file names and paths are in bold, unless it is part of a shell command.


Change to the /usr/ports/mystuff/openbsd-ports/www/tbb/tor-browser directory.

Edit the torrc file.

Base Operating System Commands

When base programs are referenced, they are appended with a number, representing the relevant manual page.



That particular manual page can be accessed by typing:

$ man 1 ls

The standard manual page sections are:

1 General commands (tools and utilities).
2 System calls and error numbers.
3 Libraries.
3f Fortran programmer’s reference guide.
3p perl(1) programmer’s reference guide.
4 Device drivers.
5 File formats.
6 Games.
7 Miscellaneous.
8 System maintenance and operation commands.
9 Kernel internals.

Edits/Additions/Deletions from Files

The standard notation for adding lines is the plus symbol +


>+*add this line*

Removing lines is indicated by the minus symbol -


>-*remove this line*

Output from Commands

After a command is run, there is often expected output that is displayed on the screen which is indicated by italics. In this example, Tor is restarted.


>$ sudo /etc/rc.d/tor restart  

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